Jersey City

What is Jersey City?


A large city in northeastern New Jersey(Hudson County). Some view it as a slum, others view it as an average large urban area teeming with urban people. There are different districts: the Heights, Downtown, Journal Square, Westside, Greenville area, etc. Also known as Chilltown, JC, 201, Dirty Jersey, etc. One of the most diverse cities in the United States. Somewhat rough and coarse with words and actions, but the residents do not notice due to its frequency. And yes, it would be best to do what the Romans do when in Rome.

1: Where are you from?

2: Jersey City.

1: Tsk. Heard about that place.

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City in northeast NJ. AKA Chilltown JC.

Where you from?

Chilltown JC kid!


A northeastern NJ city that neighbors Manhattan, NY. Most of Jersey City smells like a bacon bomb, but it is cheaper than NYCand way more badass.

Your mom's from Jersey City.


the most badass city on the east coast. home of the greatest school in the world, st peters prep who kill everyone else in sports. jersey city is mad cheaper than nyc, and has so many more cool people.

-where u from dawg?

-i'm from jersey city!

-damn u r a badass

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