What is Jess?


A Jess is a person who is generous, talented and kindly. The name itself means "wealthy", and this is true, as a jess will always be rich in spirit and personality. Also used by some kids to mean "awesome".

The term should not be confused with the Spanish jess (pronounced hess) which means a woman with low moral standards.

Hey, don't you just love that girl?

Yeah, she's so jess.

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The other name for a "Legendary Hot Female from North Yorkshire"

Steve: Wow that girls a right Jess, I'd Tap That

Ed: Oh Hell Yeah me Too.

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an extremely beautiful girl who is the nicest, funniest, and all around most awesome person ever

I wish i could hang out with Jess right now...

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The meaning of awsomeness.

utterly beautiful and a amazing friend.

She will make you laugh and giggle.

Shes too cool for pants.

or skirts.

if you ask her to pull her skirt down she will refuse.

Maths expert.

Jess, i think your skirt is abit short.

No it isent

You have been walking around school with your Bum cheeks hanging out..

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a girl who is very white, but at the same time is a gangsta and a looosa. also says "straight up" alot.

wow, jess, your such a gangsta loosa.

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Writing an extremly long post on an internet forum which contains little or no meaning to the original post or subject of the forum.

I asked about gas mileage and someone Jessed me about his trip to the gay park in Florida. ;-)

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Another term for a homosexual activity known as feltching.

Poor Wally decided to stay home and jess his boyfriend.

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