What is Jesuits?


God's personal Marine Corps.

Friggin' Franciscan's are getting their asses kicked by the Southern Baptists in Zimbabwe...send in the Jesuits!


The popular name for the monastic order called the Society of Jesus. The order was founded by Ignatius de Loyola in 1534, and was recognized by the pope in 1540. The mission of the Jesuits was in three areas: teaching, service to the nobility, and missionary work in foreign lands. Their greatest mark was made in education, and the Collegio Romano was their primary seminary.

See above....wait, the example is too short???


If you want torture, they've got it: iron maidens, thumbscrews (the original gameboys), the rack (not tits, folks), the wheel, cat o' ninetails, anal pears, whips, water-torture (but not Chinese because Jesuits considered them heathens), and painful vises to make you confess even imaginary vices! This is the Spanish Inquisition at its finest. You want zealots; Jesuits are Zealot's-R-Us's finest antique models.

Can you think of anything better than being brutally tortured until you confess to being a filthy heathen (probably a jew) in love with (and having had vast orgies with the minions of) Satan?

What a bunch of bastards...



(partly taken from Monty Python)

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