Jesus H. Christ

What is Jesus H. Christ?


An alternative to Jesus Christ. The H is added due to numerous reasons. Some say it stood for Holy, some say it stood for Harold because of, "Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name". Other theories about the origin of the H. is:

1. H stood for Haploid since Jesus has no human father.

2. It recalls the H in the IHS logo emblazoned on much Christian paraphernalia. IHS dates from the earliest years of Christianity, being an abbreviation of "Jesus" in classical Greek characters. The Greek pronunciation is "Iesous," with the E sound being represented by the character eta, which looks like an H. When the symbol passed to Christian Romans, for whom an H was an H, the unaccountable character eventually became accepted as Jesus's middle initial.

3. H derives from the taunting Latin inscription INRH that was supposedly tacked on the cross by Roman soldiers: Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Hebrei (Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Hebrews). Trouble is, the inscription is usually given as INRI: Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum (J.C., King of the Jews).

Jesus H. Christ is an expression just as "Jesus Christ" Only with an H added in, most likely for humor.

"Jesus H. Christ! My plunger broke!"


A phrase used to express particular suprise, disgust or shock to an instance, as emphasized by the "H" (which stands for "Holy"). It's used in the same context as "Jesus Christ!", except the H is added to include greater emphasis on the concern.

Note: The phrase is no more-or-less blasphemous than "Jesus Christ"

"Jesus H. Christ, you scared the shit outta me!"


Jesus Hey-Zeus Christ. Many Mexicans are named after Him. Also used as a cuss-word by the irreverent.

And He shall be named Jesus H. Christ because He shall say "Hey, Zeus, I'm gonna take your place!"

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"Jesus H. Christ", the "H" stands for "Heli" Jesus' GrandFather's name.

LUKE 3:23, "Now Jesus began His ministry when He was about 30 years old. He was, as many people thought, the son of Joseph, the son of HELI."

I can't believe it -- Jesus H. Christ actually MEANS something!

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A phrase used sometimes in a state of suprise.

Jesus H. Christ you scared the fucking shit out of my asshole.

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A satirical phrase of surprise or angst used instead of Jesus Christ.

Person 1: Jesus H. Christ!

Person 2: ...what does the H stand for?

Person 1: Hussein!

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1. A term used to properly adress the lord and savior of the christian religion.

The H obviously standing for hoe master because everyone knows that Jesus had a way with the ladies.

"Jesus H. Christ why dont my hoes give me any respect."

"Jesus H. Christ show me the way to your sanctom of bitches and hoes."


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