Jesus Syndrome

What is Jesus Syndrome?


The combination of complexes and dogmatic teachings that create a pathetic personality process that makes the person feel they are 'Jesus like' in the way the world should view them and as they view themselves.

My roomate seems to have fallen into a Jesus syndrome. He feels the need to try to cure the world's ill, right the wrongs that people do unto others while rarely seeing his own passive-egotistic, funky-underwear-on-the floor faults that need corrected.

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When a woman feels sorry for a man due to certain misfortunes or troubles and sleeps with him to help him feel better.She feels she can save him,even though for a minute..or two,max five!

1.He had been dumped by his girlfriend and lost his job on the same day so she got the Jesus Syndrome and gave him some.

2.Guy: (over the phone) Hi there.Will you come over tonight for some more loving

Chic:Dude like I told you the last 15 nights you've called,hell no! What we had last time was Jesus Syndrome. You've got a prosthetic leg now so you can walk again.I'm cured,stop calling me!

Guy: Bitch!

Chic:*hangs up*

See sympathy, compassion, saviour, condolence


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