What is Jetlag?


When you travel to a different country and the difference between them (in hours) is too big, you might suffer of jetlag. Sometimes it has.. a headache, dizzy feeling or any other health problem.

jon: were you sleeping?

andrew: ooohh.. mate im toooo tired.. my jetlag is killing me.

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when a male has an erect penis for a long time and starts to lag after a while because it has been erect for so long

Lenny: hey babe how much longer are we going to go at this for?

Sue: Im not sure lenny but your looking a little jetlaged!

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Starting the week at work early after sleeping long during the weekend.

This jetlag just hits me every Monday morning

See tired, sleepy, drowsy


v. - To lag behind, slack off, or do something poorly.

You're walking with some friends and one person is several feet behind the rest. One says, "Hurry up, Jose! Quit your jetlagging!"

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