Jew Trap

What is Jew Trap?


when someone throws or drops small change on the ground and they, or someone around them consiquently yells "JEW TRAP!"

Person 1- Hey, can i borrow five bucks?

Person 2- Sure, (looks in wallet, drops two pennies and a nickel)

Person 1- JEW TRAP!

*swarm of jews*

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A purposely deceiving or unfair circumstance.

There was absolutely no hot puss at the party at all as Mark said there would be. What a damn jew trap.

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A name replacement to the bouncing bettys in Call of Duty: World at War.

Example 1: I got a 3-kill streak just by laying a Jew trap.

Example 2: Damn! Those damn Jews always lay their jew traps everywhere I walk! Now I lost my kill streak!

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