What is Jewicide?


In a deathmatch style video game, when a player kills himself in order to prevent you from getting the kill point.

"I would have had the high score that round, but that bastard soldier kept jewiciding himself!!"

"Steve, I swear to God I'm quitting if you jewicide one more time!"

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the act of committing Genocide on a group of Jews.

Hitler: Dude did you see that Jewicide I pulled last week.

Himler: Yeah man, we tag team'd that shit

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The act of destroying your reputation and/or career by an act of blatantly idiotic anti-Semitism.

Mel Gibson: Fucking Jews. Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

Everyone else: Ha ha, you just committed Jewicide.

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the act of spending money with no regards of consequence.

i commited jewicide last night when i spent forty bucks to get into the club.

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