What is Jew-ish?


Someone who is partially, but not completely Jewish. They are Jew-ish. Kinda like a Jew, but not quite.

"Marisa makes matzo ball soup but doesn't ever go to temple, she's so Jew-ish!"


A Jew that embraces anything but the full extent of Judaism.

He's a cultural jew, but actually an atheist... he's Jew-ISH


Adjective, Adverb

Having tendencies, similarities, or characteristics of people who are Jewish or Jewish stereotypes.

May be applied to people, things, or actions.

I hate this humid weather; it makes my hair all curly and Jew-ish.

He’s Japanese? His last name is Steinberg. That’s a pretty Jew-ish last name for a Japanese guy.

She never spends much money when we go shopping. She shops pretty Jew-ish.

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Not completely a Jew, maybe not even a Jew, but they act like one or look like one, therefore they are just Jew-ish.

That's very Jew-ish of you.

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someone that is not a full blooded jew but only partly jewish

"im not a real jew, i'm only jew-ish."

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Somone who could pass for a jew but is not a complete real jew or Somone who just looks jewish.

Jew:DUDe what the hell are you doing at my temple

JEw-ish: Ahhhh dude shut up your gonna blow my cover

Jew:YOur not jewish though

Jew-ish:Close enough , check out my moles and jews curls and big nose.

Jew: Ok fine, just stay away from the rabbi

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