Jew's Dozen

What is Jew's Dozen?


Eleven of an item. Unlike a baker's dozen which is one more than a true dozen, a jew tries to save money/resources, and therefore cheats the buyer out of one doughnut, bagel, pretzel, or whatever is being sold (yet sells it at the price of 12 of the item). Therefore, a jew's dozen is only 11 of something.

Costumer: I would like a dozen kosher hot dogs.

Jewish baker: Here you go, that will be $80 dollars.

Costumer: Wait, there are only 11 hotdogs, and it costs $80 for 12!

Jewish baker: You asked for a dozen, so I gave you exactly that...A JEW'S DOZEN.

Costumer: You're a dirty, cheap bastard.

See jew, cheap, bagel, pretzel, kosher


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