What is J-grandz?


Adjective: A stupid, pathetic creature who specializes in trying to become indie, which is there for contradictory seeing as if you try to become indie, you will never be indie. Also, he is a so called "metal head" but he does not know one song title by most metal bands, especially dead to fall. overall the adjective is usually used to describe someone who is acting stupid, or know it all'ish

"Wow you fucking j-grandz, you know you've never heard of purging the storm."

"I can't believe that j-grandz bitch was trying to tell me he liked decrepid birth, does he even have their unreleased EP? obviously not."

indie kid: "my favorite groups are She and Him and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly.

poser: ughhghgh YESSSSS me too dude! I only own like all of their albums!

indie kid: Oh sick! whats your favorite track?

poser: ummmm....have you ever had macaroni and cheese? i love that stuff!

indie kid: you fucking j-grandz ass poser bitch!

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