What is J-hook?


When a man's boner bends to one direction, resembling a 'J'

Johnny's j-hook bends far to the right.

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A lame attempt at executing a donut. The driver ( from a standstill ) will lose traction, cut the wheel, and whip the car around 270 degrees, then continue to drive forward. Whereas a donut consists of almost a perfect 360 degrees of both rear tire marks. A donut requires some driving skill which most retards attempting it lack.

Them: Yo, did you see that sweet ass donut I just did?

You: Take your weak ass j-hooks to back to La Fiebre.

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A "J" Hook is when you incert you finger, most commonly the middle finger, into a womans vaginia and curve it upwards to form a J. You then preced to tickle the womans G-Spot until the female sits up, grabs you be the ears, and screams "FUCK ME, NOW".

Daniel gave Melissa the J-Hook last night. See cummed all over the new bed sheets and could not walk because her legs were so weak.

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