What is J-horror?


A horror movie subgenre that consists of atmospheric Japanese supernatural horror movies and their Hollywood remakes.

The Dark Water remake is the latest addition to the J-Horror subgenre.

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Horror stories that originated from Japan from the time of the Edo period to the Menji period AKA as Kwaidan folktales in which ghostly spirits AKA the Yueri seek vengeance on thier tormenters.

There was a classic J-horror film in the 1960's about a peasant woman who murdered Samurai warriors in vengeance for her son's death by trapping them & killing them & stealing a demon's mask from a dying Samurai & putting on the mask to terrorize her wayward daughter from seeing antother farmer (whom she hated) but didn't realized that the mask was cursed was stuck on her fack as vengence for her crimes & as she tried to chase after her terrified daughter, the peasant woman fell into her own booby trap & paid for her crimes..

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