What is Jiho?


Jiho. Defined as a korean guy that is hardworking and genetically smart. However if a guy is of chinese background, he is known as a Joel.

A Jiho is affectionately called lee or Ji or Ho or Fu... Any combination of two or more of these separate words can lead to fatality. This is known as a Jiho attack. Here are a list of things that may elicit a Jiho attack, they are

1) Physics Labs

2) Other people getting too comfortable with Pema

3) Attaining a grade lower than the first alphabet of the english language

4) Chemistry Labs

5) Tests in general

6) etc...

Jihos are extremely family orientated and friendly. Just watch your back during the exam season, Jiho attacks are reported to be more frequent and random.

Guy: Hey, Ji. What did you get for the physics test *notice he does not use a combination of the fore mentioned words*

Jiho: Yo! Physics test?? oh, i have not checked my grades yet, let me check it now...(loads veracross)...

Guy: soo wad did u get??

Jiho: X_X Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh(he has a 89.4, that is a B+)

Guy(looks at the screen): Hey man its ok, maybe you'll do better next time............ *scared* wad are you doing jiho??? maybe you could back off a bit... you are scaring me..... ji... lee... friend??

*A horrible scream pierces through air*

The next day, a funernal is conducted in remembrance of the "guy"............

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