What is J-in?


Or variations like: J,Jay-in,J-en,J-in-it,Jayen Jayin or J-in-off,J-ed(past tense) sometimes be confused with names Jayne, Jay, Jade, or Jason. A derivative / abbreviation for the present tense phase "jacking off" or "jerking off", which is slang for masturbation. Similar to the abbreviations: HJ,BJ,FJ or ZJ. The letter "J" when used alone can be short for "Jizz" or seamen, or in proper context (along with J-ed) can be the past tense of "jacking off".

" Hey, sorry I did not answer I was totally j-in when you called'

" Yea, I had to bust out a quick safety J in the bathroom the flying J"

" I J-ed like six times last night"

" I got J all over her"

" I J-ed all over her"

See jacking off, jerking off, jizz, seamen, cum, jayin, jin, jayne, j, jay


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