What is Jingle Bells Reversed?


Jingle bells reversed is a prank flash animation designed to scare the viewer. It was one of the first to appear on the internet and was created by Mr. Moe, the designer of funnypart

On the original version on funnypart, before the video is played, a warning message is shown saying it is not suitable for minors of children with heart conditions. Then it brings up a sound track and a play button and tells the viewer to play the section of jingle bells. It plays as expected. Then the sound track visually flips revealing the audio track from the other side. It states that you should turn up the volume for best results. It plays backwards but when the indicator reaches near the end, a picture of Mr. Moe the creator making a face as if he is screaming in negative is shown first. There is a split second pause before a loud and piercing scream is heard.

The scream then echoes away and a message is shown saying "did you get the message? yes, I am a bastard"

This has been widely discussed as being upsetting and distasteful as a prank and was eventually taken down from the website

"have you seen this thing"

"no, what is it"

"it is jingle bells played in reverse"

"jingle bells reversed?"

"ye give it a try"

"tum tee tum too tee tum too"

Now hear it backwards"

"oot mut eet oot mut eet mut AHHHHHH!!!!!!"

"lol u son of a bitch"

See prank, jingle, bells, scare


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