What is Joanna?


1.The most sincere, goodhearted, and gorgeous girl to grace the world with her lively presence. Some say she resembles Rachel Weisz but in actuality Weisz would never be able to reach the pedestal of beauty that Joanna sits atop of.

2. Pretty much the most awesome person you can ever hope to meet. Be weary though, Joanna is a complete badass and is known to carry either a nineor a gat with her at all times - for protection from other jealous rival badasses and if she just feels like being a thugand robbing a liquor store or grocery for the hell of it.

"Man you shot up and robbed five armored vans, assaulted three cops, and beat up Jean-Claude Van Damme. You're almost as badass as Joanna."

Joanna is so awesome her presence radiates awesomeness.

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Beautiful girl, usually dark haired, and has a great taste in music.

Who's that chick who can moonwalk, play guitar and fly?

-Oh that's just Joanna

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Seriously the most awsome-est person ever

Most Joannas will typically be extremely successful in life and have some friends who like to copy off of them.

Joannas really don't like niners and usually bully them around in the lockers, some Joannas may even steal their lunch money....

Niners beware...

I totally Joannaed that niner!

Joanna= Awsomeness!

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Perfection in human form. Someone who is "Joanna" is likely to be creative, lovely, intelligent and charming; and will always have an impeccable dress sense.

If you are friends with a Joanna, count yourself lucky. They are truely the nicest people you will ever meet.

"I wish I was as Joanna as her... *sigh*"

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A sexy girl that makes the world smile

Wow that girl is a Joanna.

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the dopest biznatch you'll ever meet. Joannas are funny, nice, and know how to have a good time. but if you screw around with joanna, she'll fuck you up 10x worser than you'd ever imagine.

guy: did you see that nigga's face? damn!!

girl: oh yeah. joanna did that.

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Secret street slang for marijuana, to divert attention of what the person(s) talking about.

Have you seen Joanna about?

How's Joanna?

Is Joanna for sale here?

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