What is Joc?


- your mac daddy game, swagger, or style.

Man #1 - Yo, I heard ol' girl was feeling your joc.

Man #2 - Oh for real. I aint know it was like that.

See joc, game, style, mojo


Abbreviation: just out of curiosity. Used in IM'ing, not in regular speech.

SN1: JOC, are you on drugs? you sure as hell seem like it

SN2: bunnies! BUNNIES!

SN1: i think i get it

See joc, curiosity, aim, im, acronym


A perfect three lettered word for getting a 36 point score in the game Scrabble

Should be used on a tripple word score square.

See Nate


mean to ask a gurl/boy to date you

you wanna hop on my joc boo?


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