What is Jocking?


to engage in flirtatious behavior with another; to crush on someone; to hit on someone

Brandon, constantly laughing, smiling, lightly touching and generally talking up a storm, was jocking Amanda.


Derived from the term, "Being on someone's jock (as in jock strap)" meaning to attempt to imitate their style, especially in music.

"MCs be jockin' my style" - Craig Mack


1. Trying to be like someone of a higher status

2. Acting like a jock, ex.- hitting on the girls with the "ideal figure",

3. Taking someone else's work from an HTML site, and claiming it as your own. Like plagiarism, but more specific.

1. "Mike is so jocking on Trevor, he always does exactly what he does."

2. *Boy walks right past 'typical girl' to pack of cheerleaders in short skirts* "DANG you women so fine, hows I take you all for a ride tonight?"

3. "Erika is jocking, she has this new layout code in her site, but it's really Leah's"

See 1, playing, flirting, 3


To vy for, try and take

"Nathan was the team's star player, but when Lucas arrived he began to think Lucas was jocking for his place as point-guard."

"Sue was jocking for a turn on the computer, and so were both her brothers - they always fought over it."

See joking, stealing


Derived from the word jock strap. Much in the way a jock strap cups, secures, and holds in place someone's nuts (balls or testicles), some humans also hold, grip, or "jock" someone in order to impress, gain favor, or attract.

Jocking is the act or art of placing someone on a higher level or pedestal, most times undeservedly and annoyingly so.

"I wish John would stop jocking Terri for a date!"

"Do you see the way Sally has been jocking Mr. Brown for a good grade?"

See jock, grip, hold, sweat, nuts, balls, testicles


To Hit up on someone(usually gurlz)

AKA Get a lot of girls

Cruzin down the street in my '64 Jocking the Bitches slaping the hoes - by Eazy-e

See talking, stocking, locking, hocking


"To be on someone's jock". Trying to hook up with them.

Sarcastic: Kissing someon's ass.

What happened with that chick the other night? She was jocking you pretty hard.

I can't stand that kiss ass. He's always jocking people more popular than him.

See Greg


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