What is Jockoff?


(n) a adolescent rich or middle class male from suburbia

suffering from "little dick syndrome" a brain disease which forces them to torment or bully people which they consider to be threats.

characterized by their collective douchiness and cool water cologne, their prey often consists of small males as well as drunk females in which they may often beat up or engage in sexual intercourse with or both (although pseudo homosexual relations is usually kept within the pack)

"jockoffs" can always be identified by the heavy use of hollister,aeropostale and hurley brand

products and apparel. Transported usually in "tricked out" japanese sports cars they live at home

until they are thirty and have ten kids.

That group of turds you see at the club

that spent more time on their hair than

the girl they're trying to drunk fuck

Man 1 "Look at that jockoff over there hitting on

that drunk girl"

Man 2 "Careful man. They travel in packs"

See jock, jack off, bro, hollister


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