What is Joelisa?


a asian and hispanic Teenage girl that is Very Nice, amazing and sweet girl that you'll always remember, she's Trust Worthy and Always Have good Things to say, she's Never Negative and Only Postive and peace Comes Outta her Mouth.

Be her friend and shell Love you forever and ever. but just don't get on her Bad side xD cus that's when the monster comes outta her RAWR ! ._.

Oh, and Also I have the Most amzingest Bf idnno if that's a Word But yeah He's Awesome and I love him to death he's the other part of me that was missing for a long time (:

January 7th, 2009-till Forever and ever <3333333333333



emokittyyxox ish My Everyone aim So if im not on it im prolly on my own personal aim. But if you see me on im Me ^_^

Basically there's No examples of me D: im just Joelisa khun

See kitty, muffins, kat, love, babe


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