Joey Diamond

What is Joey Diamond?


Youtube celebrity Joey Diamond is anything and everything but ordinary. He put himself out there as a teenage guy who loves singing and sharing music with the world. Because truly music is his passion. Joey wants to be an example to teenagers that its okay to be different. And that they shouldn't hide who they are to please anybody.. The sky's the limit... Indeed it was difficult for Joey. He Took alot of hurt and discrimination from people who never even took the time to get to know him for himself. And Joey admits that at times he did just wanna give up. But then he would be giving up on what he stands for. Joey's tired of trying to be this "Guy" that everyone made him into. A fake image that all these Closed minded immature people put him out there to be. And now he knows that his sexual orientation Shouldn't have an effect on his Real fans who truly love and support Joey Diamond no matter what. If you loved him Before you knew, Then why should it matter now? He still, and always will be... Joey Diamond Kamlley Jr. Faaasho.

Joey Diamond is hella tight.

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