John Redcorn

What is John Redcorn?


1. A character from King of the Hill. He is of the Anasazi Native Americantribe which he proclaims once owned half of Arlen and wears it proudly sporting long hair, a traditional vest made of some sort of hide and a thick accent, even incorporating it into his profession as a traditional, holistic healer.

He is very popular, somewhat shy, doesn't speak much and is considered physically attractive by many in Arlen. In his past he was the lead singer of the band Big Mountain Fudgecake. In spite of his pride, he keeps his romantic life private and seems to prefer adultery with married women, including an on-again-off-again affair with the frequently seen Nancy Gribble. He has at least two bastard children: a son Joseph Gribble (whom he doesn't seem to support at all!) with Nancy Gribble and a daughter named Kate from a relationship with a woman named Charlene who he apparently met while she was some kind of stripper (this is what is implied), both teenagers (and both seemingly exhibiting symptoms of psychosis).

There is a running gag about how almost everyone in Arlen knows Joseph to be his biological son, but Dale Gribble, who Redcorn at times pretends to be friends with, for all of his paranoia, suspicion and conspiracy theories can't apparently piece together that he ISN'T Joseph's father (in spite of the obvious and impossible physical differences and his access to DNA testing) and that his neighbors best friends actually do know something he doesn't, and it has nothing to do with aliens! Interestingly also, in spite of how mean-spirited Kahn Souphanousinphone and his wife Minh Souphanousinphone often are, they haven't tried to spill the beansabout this.

2. A sneaky, shameful man, particularly one who sleeps around having bastard babies with foolish women and tries to hide them after the fact.

1. You redcorn! If you're gonna have an affair and make a baby, you're gonna take of it, or I'll let all of Texas know what kind of "strong indian" man you really are!

2. Ya livin a double life? You musta lost yo mind, John Redcorn!

3. A good way to make a show (or rl) interesting and suspenseful is to add a John Redcorn.

See king of the hill, hank hill, dale gribble, gribble, boomhauer


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