What is Johnny Branimir Stulic?


Johnny B. Stulic was a leader and a songwriter of great Yugoslavian rock band AZRA.More poet than just a musician and maybe only one of Yugoslavian musicians who accualy was doing something to stop the beggining of shit and war in Yugoslavia.A great man. He has wrote hundreds of poems and songs and wrote all of AZRAs song excpet "Pit...i to je Amerika" (Pete...and thats America). Now he lives in Netherlands and is translating Homers Iliad and Odyssey as well writing his own books. Reacently he has published "Smijurija u Mjerama". Even he is not playing music anymore and AZRA doesnt exists for a long time now ,AZRAs sound can be heared more and more these days. Especcialy listend by todays youth. Can be heard on radios and some tv stations also.He and His music are all but forgoten... Johnny vrati se :)

-Johnny come back.

-Johnny Branimir Stulic is God. (dont get me wrong :) )

- "Rijeci su isto kao gomila ljudi, nije nuzno poznavati sve.Odaberi za sebe samo one prave" Johnny B. Stulic

See azra


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