Johnta Austin

What is Johnta Austin?


tight songwriter, has written for tyrese, mariah carey, aaliyah, chris brown and mary j blige, and has now become an r&b artist himself. best songs are turn it up & dope fiend

I wanna love you to usher cos i no u need it nice and slow,

im like ginuwine u got me so anxious,

word to jamie cos tonight were getting unpredictable,

now i no jus what jan meant wen she said its funny how time flys,

aint nothin like makin all kinda lovin to some music,

turn the music up,

until were kissing n huggin touchin n rubbin to that music,

turn the music up

heres to mary j, turn it up, turn it up,

and i no ur diggin faith, turn it up, turn it up,

don't alicia got it goin on, turn it up, turn it up,

all u gotta do is say j turn it up

Turn it up by johnta austin

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