What is Jolly?


A day out from work, ostensibly on some kind of work-based mission but actually just going for a laugh.

We went to the National Gallery to do some research - that was nice little jolly!


All-round nice guy whom everyone loves.

Jolly owns !

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Getting your Jolly is like feeling a high sense of satisfaction and happiness. Its a good feeling of accomplishment and needs to be done more often.

I got my Jolly Off Today at the Mountain.

Say you haven't been boarding in a while. Then you cruise up to the mountain and its all fresh powder, nice day and such.

You have just gotten Your Jolly Off,

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to bully small kids on the bus

im goin to go jolly those kids big time

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to be scared by people several years younger than you

im so jolly right now, that year 9 stole my ball and im scared to go get it back

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In film, a jolly is a type of shot that involves using a jib and a dolly at the same time. So the camera is traveling vertically and horizontally in any given direction.

Let's use a jolly shot to come down from the clouds, then into and through the buildings of the city.

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To have a jolly. To masturbate.

I was really horny, so I had a jolly when my parents left the house.

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