What is Jomo?


A Jamacian streetracing chronic, with a particular talent for wrecking Swift GTis, and spouting mindless bullshit on teamswift and other Swift GTi forums. Eventually got banned from TeamSwift, and is rumored to be in jail

Spray painting your exhaust for more horsepower? Who let Jomo back on the board?

Only Jomo would try streetracing an ambulance.


Anything and everything at the same time and at all times.

The chick was totally Jomo.

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A homosexual. If the word was said in spanish, it would be pronounced "Homo" (The 'J' makes an 'H' sound)

Man, Tony is really acting like a jomo lately. He's been rubbing my leg and hitting on me alot.


1. Title given to someone who is often arrogant, unreliable and in denial 2.Internet slang for someone who is homophobic

Originated from well known shenanigans of forum users named Jomo.

1. You are such a "jomo"

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A guy who is has been said to have be the most laid back person in the world.

also he is very able with most things but with a gift for languages

a mix between Joseph and Moor

Damn, that Jomo, he is one awesome guy

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Jonas Brother + Homo

Guy 1 : YO, I like them Jonas Brothers.

Guy 2: Dude those Jomo's?

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A member os the Jewish Religion, who is also Homosexual

"I'm Jomo and proud!"

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