Jonah Hill

What is Jonah Hill?


One of the funniest motherfuckers alive. Best known for his role in Superbad, Hill has just recently had a solid breakthrough in his career, and has thus proven himself to be a strong and hilarious member of the Apatow group alongside Seth Rogen, Michael Cera and Jason Segel.

Also appears in Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Walk Hard and the upcoming Funny People.

Guy 1: Man that Jonah Hill is one funny guy!

Guy 2: Who's Jonah Hill?

Guy 1: He's the fat guy from Superbad!

Guy 2: Oh yeah! I love that funny fat dude!

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Jewish-American actor, recently famous for roles in Apatow pictures like the "Knocked Up" and "Forgetting Sarah" Marshall. He also played the lead role as "Seth" in the 2007 comedy hit "Superbad"

Jonah Hill as Seth in "Superbad": I wash and dry! I'm like a single mother.

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