What is Jovimom?


A mom who's passion is associated with the band Bon Jovi. Will often ditch mom-like duties to go to BonJovi Concerts. Hangs a guitar in her living room signed by all the members of the band along with other paraphanellia. When not chasing after her favorite band from the 80's she is attending mom-like duties and often accompanies her kiddos on their various activities. Don't be fooled though we all know where her mind is at. Has been known too hand Bon Jovi a pair of handcuffs from time too time.

"The dishes aren't done dammit Jovimom!!"

"Dude she's such a Jovimom she must have like three kids and a husband but she keeps on handing me handcuffs!?"

"She's 40 and she still digs Bon Jovi...yup she's a JoviMom."

See bon jovi, jon bon jovi, mom, mother


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