What is Joycey?


A derogatory term often used to emphasise the idiocy of a person, animal or robot.

The term joycey was derived back in 2007 when a certain mr Joyce decided to prove to the nation how insanely stupid he really is, contradicting the fact that he actually goes to quite a high ranking educational establishment.

nowadays the term a 'joycey' is widespread among many respected men and women.

'you f***ing joycey'

'eugh, that kid smells like joycey'

'typical joycey'

'joycey you idiotic mind f**k'

'joycey smells like a bag of dead cats'

'joycey you porker'

'RIP joycemeister'

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The act in which a male takes when he releases his penis.

Steve Joycey'd on webcam.

See flash, cock, savaloy, willy


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