What is Jsad?


JSAD was a group in the early 07-08 year that quickly fell apart due to the fact that some of its members cannot control the urge to make themselves feel better than other people. or in their words, "fly". this, of course, is a ridiculous notion, considering the fact that both of them, (S and D) are no good ugly whores. It is believed by authorities that they are now going by S.D. for Super Dikes, but little is to be known on that subject. It is known, however, that they are in no way super, and in fact are quite disgusting, and in the words of a poor innocent old lady who saw them walking, " they appear from far away to be a gorrila riding a unicorn, but when they come close its much worse...*sobs*".

The other group, JA, is still going strong. They have continued on with their life instead of living in the unsufferable past, like their once friends SD. Little is known about them, as they havnt done anything completely ridiculous to merit any sort of response.

The term JSAD can also be used to describe something that doesnt last long.

"Wow, that game was fast!"

"I know, they pulled a JSAD on us!"

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