What is Jucket?


hillbilly, hick, redneck. Someone who is poor. Chace Rd., freetown, Ma is the primary habitat for these creatures. variations include juck and juckster(never used) almost exclusively used in Freetown and Lakeville Massachusetts.

Look at those people commiting incest, what juckets.

See juck, redneck, hick, demo, hillbillie


A hick, hillbilly, redneck, or other clasification of a poor uneducated person.

Primarily from the area of southeastern Mass

A person from the towns of Lakeville, Freetown, and/or Assonet Mass who can be clasified as any of the above.

Why is Lakeville full os so many juckets?

Dude you are such a jucket.

See redneck, hillbilly, hick, juck, lakeville


A hick, hillbilly, redneck, or other clasification of a poor uneducated person, usually one who is always in Guidance and smoke lots of weed and wears lame sweatshirts from Southeastern Massachusetts, primarily Freetown and Lakeville

Dude, Caitlin is wicked jucket.

I can't believe you blew me off to hang out with juckets.

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You were born in a house with a dirt floor and/or wheels. You are a proud inhabitant of Chase Road in freetown and will most likely live your entire life there raising cows and goats. You cash your weekly checks with Dick and his Wife at the trading post after a hard week at the gurney saw mill.

Take your hands of my Goat, Jucket!

See farm boy, grub, bub, farmer, scrub


Originated from Jim Jucket's family who lived in Freetown, MA in the mid 1900s. These people were among the poorest folk in freetown. It is commonly used to refer to those who are dirt-poor and perform incest. Currently, Chase road is referred to as "Jucketville".

Look at those juckets, rolling in the fields with the cows.

See farmer, hillbilly, lakeville, freetown, incest


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