Juicy Gills

What is Juicy Gills?


Juicy Gills can be used as a noun or as a specific person's name.

When used as a noun, Juicy Gills refers to the fatty skin sagging from an old washed-up wrestlers abdominal area. These gills cover up ripped abs, but because they are covered, regardless of how strong your abs are, you inevitably look like an outta shape, McDonalds eating, fish. Juicy gills will continue to grow larger, porkier, and beefier until the said person gets to the weight room and works on winning his homies. Having juicy gills is not a compliment.

Juicy Gills can also refer to a person, or mythical creature. This person brags about his adipose tissue surrounding his abdominal region, almost as if a good quality. The truth is, these gills are like a force field to girls. No girl can come close to Mr. Juicy Gills. Because of this, he is always in the "friend zone". His gills were attained by eating too much Michael Donalds. Especially midnight runs to Michael Donalds, while in a hazy, disoriented state. This is no ordinary eating though. It is not eating for nutritional benefit, eating for taste, or eating for sake of eating. This eating is in fact, straight up eating for calories. The only thing to stop this caloric eating is for Matty to steal copious amounts of juicy gill fries from his bag while not looking.

Holy shit, Fark's gills are getting even bigger.

Last night, I was about to go to bed, when Juicy Gills said he was going to Michael Donalds. I couldn't resist. Now i have Juicy Gills.

Oh shit, his juicy gills just forced that girl away. Now she is being taken by Studly McStud Stud.

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