Juke: Juking Or

What is Juke: Juking Or?


Juke, juk, verb: A frequently used word by the Chicago urban scene meaning to dance, party, get crunk, get buck, get loose, and just simply have fun. Also it's a style of dancing in Chicago. The word comes from "Jook Joint" but was transformed in 1998 into "Juke" by Chicago Ghetto-Booty House music DJ's: Gant-Man, DJ Puncho & DJ Tone. To prove it's a true fact, the first mix cd that featured the word "Juke" was on Gant-Man's & DJ Puncho's mix cd called "The Juke Hour". Gant-Man's solo Mix cd was called "Bang 2 Tha Juke". Also the first recording on wax with the word "Juke" was produced by Gant-Man, DJ Tone & DJ Puncho called "Ghetto Alstars" (DM 264). The track was called "Juke It" on Chicago's House Music label Dance Mania. The remix was "Let me see you Juke" on DJ Puncho's solo EP release "Get Down Low" on Dance Mania. So Chicago is "Juke City"!!!!

"The party was juking". "We're going to juke tonight". "Let me see you juke". "She's juking that booty". "Have you heard that new juke cd?"


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