Jump The Party

What is Jump The Party?


A phrase to describe you just got it on with a girl, usually more than one.

It can be used in past, present and future tense (see example).

Past: he jumped the party

Present: he's jumping the party

Future: he's going to jump the party


To jump the party is to have sexwith more than one person at a time usually when everybody is fucking wasted.

Matt: When she asked me if I wanted to have sex I had no idea she meant jump the party with her whole sorority!

Steve: Dude, you should have invited me.

Matt: Hell no! If I'd have seen you naked my simonwould have went limp.

See threesome, orgy, group sex, fuck fest, sex


The phrase "jump the party" is strictly heterosexual and means "to have adult relations with the opposite sex."

Where this phrase came from is a bit of a mystery but seems to have originated in the Midwest area of the United States.

I'm going to jump the party with that chick at the end of the night. Maybe she'll invite her girl friends too.


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