What is Jumper?


The British word for a sweater. In the United States, a jumper is a kind of dress or coverall.

In the Harry Potter books, Mrs. Weasley makes jumpers for her children.


A sweater.

Not to be confused with a jumpsuit.

"You better put on your jumper, its cold outside."

See Diego


a person who commits suicide by jumping from somewhere high

policeman language: "we got a jumper last night."

See suicide, kamikaze


1. Australian/British etc. for Sweater.

2. Someone who commits suicideby jumping from a high place, normally a tall buiulding. Can be used to describe someone who is about to jump, or someone who already has.

3. A jump shot in basketball.

4. A girl who constantly changes partners.

1. "Looks cold outside. Better put on a jumper."

2. "Oh oh, looks like we have a jumper on the roof."

3. "Wow! Did you see that jumper from the free throw line?

4. "Becky was with Micheal last week, now she's with Jason."

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A party where almost everybody is jumping wildly instead of dancing.

God Man. That party last night was such a jumper

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Other players on shoot'em'up games online e.g. COD....who have bad connection causing them to move like hayden christensen in the JUMPER.

Whoa...that guys a jumper!


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Someone who jumps from friend to friend to friend... they are your closest friend for like two weeks, then when they meet a new group of friends, or they just can't get along with people, then they move on, and jump into another circle of friends trying to fit in.

"Hey wasn't she one of your closest friends? And in your top?"

"Yeah, for like a month... Then I didn't hear from her anymore and she's hanging out with a bunch of new people now. She's just a Jumper."

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