What is Juss?


the typographically easy substitution for the ever challenging word "just", used predominantly by the underachieving, self-described First Place Loser.

Texan 1986: that one juss took all ur steam

Texan 1986: u are juss depleted after that one

Texan 1986: the little engine that could...juss can't anymore


an object of particular juiciness.


Tom: "man, i got some new skunk"

Harry: "whats it like?"

Tom: " its the juss!"

Exampel 2:

Harry:"i just fell over in something"

Jack: "haha, its the juss"

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Word that dumb bitches use becasue they're too stupid to use the letter T.

I'm juss some ssupid bisch.

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how most people pronounce 'just'; the way some people type 'just'

"juss do it"


when the girls vagina is nasty and fishy.

Man I got this juss over the weekend.

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