Justin Burrito

What is Justin Burrito?


A very popular menu item at Rico's Taco Shop. It is a burrito that contains beans, cheese, rice, lettuce, french fries, guacamole, all double wrapped (two tortillas).

Created by Justin Kurn, a local who kept on ordering "his own" burrito everytime he went to Rico's. With tax, the burrito actually costs $4.20.

Very tasty. Next time you're up in Encinitas, give one a shot.

Cashier: Hi, welcome to Rico's.

Customer: Can I get a Justin Burrito?

Cashier: Sure, $4.20 please.

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A magical experience in the mexican world of burritos. Many orgasims come with the consumption of the Justin Burrito. TRY IT WITH CARNE ASADA! $5.28!!

Dude i just jizzed in my pants this justin burrito is so good.

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