What is Jwnhlf?


Acronymic term for "Jake With Non-Human-Like Features".

Often used to describe someone with a physical or mental feature which is unusal for a human.

A: Who's that over there?

B: I dunno, he looks like JWNHLF!

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An alien child that goes MROW, owns a spaceship, and goes out with a girl with a mouse in her hair, who bobs when she walks.

A: Is that a plane?

B: Uhh, no.

A: Is it a bird? :S

B: Uhh, no dumbass. It's JWNHLF in his new spaceship.

See jwnhlf, jackii, jamamacake


An alien, attempting to be a human.

He bobs when he walks.

He has seven green dicks.

He fancies Sarah.

He says 'MROW!'.

He shares a brain with Lefteri.

He has hovering jackii.

He owns a space ship.

He has green blood.

He says 'Nyaa!'

His braces are connected to his space ship.

Child: Mommy! That kid looks like an alien!

Mom: Shh, don't look at it!


Child: :'(!!!

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