What is Kabircast?


Senior Kabir's televised networking System. Not only did this network system contain televised broadcasting, but it also included high-speed internet, cable TV,Kabircast digital voice and beefaroni digital. Each one of these gave the Kabir's great entertainment during their reign over the world. Baby and Senior Kabir both enjoyed Beefaroni Digital. the Beefaroni Digital supplied great network connection, to other nations, but not only did that benefit them it also came with a special prize, which was Baby Kabir's favorite, roast beef.

Kabircast has over 23 variations of the Food Network.

Bob: What's on TV?

Steve: Nothing, really. We got the basic version of Kabircast.

Bob: Haha, we have Kabircast Professional.

Steve: Haha, you're gay.

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