What is Kaboof?




The act of

a) ejaculating in one's pants.

b) excreting in one's pants.

c) both ejaculating and excreting in one's pants.

I.E. (for the simple minded) jizzing and/or shitting yourself. Possibly at the same time.

Usually caused by a sense of overwhelming happiness, shock, or awe.

When used in a sentence, the listener is led to believe that the speaker did one of three things: jizzed, shit, or both together. The speaker may not specify what their kaboof included.

1) Whenever i watch 300, I kaboof when Leonidas kicks that guy into the pit.

2) The sight of Stephanie's bikini top falling off caused Daryl to kaboof.

3) Dragonball always caused small children to kaboof themselves silly.


Matthew:"That was so amazing, I KABOOFED!"

Stephen:"That was so amazing, I kaboofed DAVE!"

See kaboof, jizz, shit, both, ejaculate, cum


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