Kage Syndrome

What is Kage Syndrome?


Kage syndome is a form of internet slang, refering to someone who suffers from a poor social life outside of the internet. Originally coined on an anime forum, Kage syndrome's namesake KageBunshin (refered to as Kage by the forum members) was subject to much mockey for being a virgin, having few friends, parents who would ban him from the internet based on the actions of his older brother, and "being ghey to the max". Suffering from Kage syndrome is similar to being "emo" and can often refer to someone's inability to have sex.

What a n00b. I bet he has Kage Syndrome.


Lol Professional_Asshole21 has Kage Syndrome pretty bad. I hear he went to a party, and even teh fat chicks wouldn't do him.


m4dsk1llz is ghey to the max. I bet he has Kage Syndrome.

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