What is Kalopsia?


condition wherein things appear more beautiful than they are.

Michael shifted through bouts of kalopsia and utter pesimism leaving him mirred in misanthropic depression.

See Melly


"A condition where one is deceived into thinking things are of higher quality than they actually are."

He thought Anna Nicole was attractive, he was obviously suffering from kalopsia

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believing that everything that you do not have is better than what you do have

that emo kid was crying because he was overcome with kalopsia

See Stephanie


New Jerse's Death Metal War Machine and Legion of Goresplattered Lechery. Fronted by madman Matt Medeiros.

Kalopsia's new CD shattered my spine with their brutality the moment I put it in my CD player.

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An insanely devastating death metal band from New Jersey.

The new Kalopsia cd makes me want to stomp someone to death.

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