What is Kamiakin?


A Native Americanchief of the Yakama Indian tribe in Washington State.

Also, the best damn high school ever! Located in Kennewick, Washington. The school colors are scarlet and gold, the mascots are the braves. They have the highest test scores in the region, their biggest academic rival being Richland High. The school's biggest rivals are Kennewick High, Southridge High, and Pasco High. The KaHS vs. Pasco football game is one of the biggest rivalries in the state. One of the biggest traditions is the yelling of "braves" at the end of the national anthem. All Kamiakin kids rock the socks off life and hate passionately any lion, sun, or bulldog.

Person 1: Where did you graduate from?

Person 2: Kamiakin, what about you?

Person 1: uh....southridge...

Person 2: HAHAA! SUCKAS! Brave power bitches!

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a sheep-fucker

That kid's such a fucking Kamiakin

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