What is Kamille?


A very very very cool girl!! She's hot, funny, and has a good sense of style! She's soo nice too everybody!!!

she might be kind of slow.......but did I mention she's hott!!!!!!!!

OOOO Kamille your sooo fine!


hey kamille your hot!!!!!!


See reece


hey kamille your are a wild child dont ever change you are awesome!!!!!!

Hey Kamille U R Awesome!!!


Kamille is a crazy child lol!! Hey Kamille your the only one who will know who this is heres 2 hints (Backstreet boys rock) (and beans is real! i swear)

Kamille is oooooo soooooo crazy


A hoe that flirts with her boyfriends best friend. and her boyfriend is too stupid to notice. and his best friend is a friggin man whore!!!

Girl 1: OMG! You're turning into a kamille!!!

YOU HOE!!!!!!

Girl 2: *begins to cry* I need Dr. Phil!!!

See hoe, slut, jerk, brat, bitch, stupid


A girl who has the thinking capabilities of a slug, almost as if she is retarded. She is also obsessed with tennisand talks only about tennis. Also known as camel toes.

Person 1: Hi Kamille

Kamille: Where did I leave my tennis racket?

PErson: It's right there...

Kamille: Oh did i telll you i love tennis and im going to play it everyday for the rest of my life


1. an extremely annoying person with only one friend, which is a hillary (the swan hillary, not the dike), because everyone else can't stand her. haha

2. someone who has on numerous accounts peed their pants, and they are not five years old.

1. God Becca, would you shutup already? You're starting to sound like a Kamille!

2. I know it was funny, but please don't pull a Kamille on me! All your pants are in the laundry already, so you're just gonna have to wait till you dry if you do that again!

See loser, junior, pee


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