What is Kamtok?


(litterally meaning " Cameroonian Talk " )

a form of pidgin english people in North/South Western Cameroon use.

~ a type of slang & good language to make someone feel like crap . ~

" which kine ugly lady be dis ? "

( that chick is hideous. )

" yah mami lass! "

(your mom's ass)

" ah sweh, if dis ashawo no leave me, e no go see tomorrow"

( i swear if this hoe doesn't leave me alone, imma beat her ass so bad she might not live to see tomorrow!!! )

by the way, its a pretty funny language .

KamTok: ' Scuse me sah, can i feel yo powah (power) ? '

translation: excuse me sir, can i please feel your muscles ?


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