What is Kanaka?


a word only used by Native Hawaiians or Polynesians to eachother basically means Hawaiian

wassup kanak bra get waves i heard for real kanaka shoots we go.or hey look that kanaka just gave him a kanakattack false crack medivac

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a word only used by a person of Hawaiian Descent or polynesian descent usually a white or haole person who says that to a Hawaiian will get knocked

Eh bra das 1 kanaka right their

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Hawaiian word literally meaning "man".

He's kanaka maoli. (native man)

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Old Hawaiian word for "human being". Used locally to refer to a local Hawaiian.

She not sole brah, she kanaka.

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A popular fad diet where one can lose 10, 20, or even 100 pounds where one gets severely beaten up by a female of the human species. The client is admitted to a hospital and gets his/her jaw wired shut- forced to be on a liquid diet for at least three weeks.

Jeffa (Heffer) gave Tony a special Tae-Bo kanaka and Tony lost 35 pounds.


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