What is Karch?


When used as a name, it means the hero of all other guys not named Karch. He is usually smart, athletic, clever, funny, good looking, daring, goofy, and compassionate. Karch will attempt to make others happy before hisself. Thus, he is an amazing friend and boyfriend. Any girl that has a Karch should greatly cherish him. Karch will try anything once and is a great secret keeper. Have problems? Confide in a Karch. He'll even give great advice back. Karch is usually sexually inclined and thinks of his partner first. If spending time with a Karch be prepared for many laughs and a good time.

1) Girl 1: I was with Karch last night.

Girl 2: How was it?

Girl 1: The best, ever...

2) Did you hear Karch climbed out of his bedroom window and down his tree just to see his girl?

-Yeah, that dude is my hero

See boyfriend, dude, amazing, great, hero


A blockage consisting of mucus in the back of the throat.

I have a little karch in my throat.


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