Kat Brown Armstrong

What is Kat Brown Armstrong?


1. a lovely scottish maiden who entrances all men with her hot booty.

2. a flirtatious young girl who refuses to be married to gina on facebook.

3. a prostitute, but only to the most well-respected and high class men

4. gina's favorite!!!

5. a girl who sits with gina and yells at 5th grade boys

1. Wow that girl is such a KBA, look at all those men following her around!

2. That KBA is SO afraid of commitment, she made gina CRY!

3. Well, Gavin Newsom enjoyed that Kat Brown Armstrong the other night.

4. Wow she must be a KBA! Look how much time GIna spends with her!

5. Jesus, that girl is such a Kat Brown Armstong staring creepily at little boys.

See whore, sexy, tits, hot, booty


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