What is Kennesaw?


Pronounced Ken-ee-saw by locals. A town north of the Atlanta Metro area located in Cobb County.

Most outsiders mock and laugh at the native Georgians and would rather fit into the ghetto scene. The truth is, it's Cobb County, kids in Kennesaw are not thugs, they're not ghetto, they're children who need to be slapped. While at the same time there are many fake rednecks, the ones who give real Southerners the bad name. This often a problem around the area despite the fact this is the South.

There are movie theatres, places to eat, parks, bowling, skating, etc. around the area like any other town. Downtown Kennesaw is home to the famous racist Wildman who sells Civil War novelty and antique items. Across the street is a museum hosting the famous locomotive The General. All in all, there's not a whole lot to do here but it is home for many. And of course the Kennesaw Mountain fills the horizon while you drive around town. We're just so damn cultured around here.

Also see: K-Town

Guy 1: I'm street dawg - I'm from the streets of K-Town!

Guy 2: Kennesaw huh? Which streets? 41, Dallas Highway, or Barrette Parkway?

Guy 1: All of 'em, I run them hoes down there. Peace up, K-Town down. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now.


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